Uilleann Pipes

Matt Bashford

This workshop is going to be suitable for intermediate and advanced players. We will look into traditional ornaments and variations, and build on our repertoire.
All beginners please contact the organisers for possible beginner´s classes.


Ditte Fromseier

In Ditte’s workshop you will learn a number of her favourite tunes from all over Denmark. Ditte has a special focus on music from her home island: Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. You will learn tunes and work with bowings and ornaments that bring life and feeling into the tunes.
Between the tunes we will also focus on using the body in the best way possible. Good posture and small stretching exercises can be very useful to maintain focus and a good feeling throughout a long day of music.

Flute/Whistle, Song

Mairi Campbell

Mairi will deliver workshops in traditional song, wooden flute & tin whistle. Her workshops will be fun, friendly, organised and joyful! Please come along!


Colin Nicholson

Colin’s workshops will focus on Scottish and Irish tunes, ornamentation and left hand accompaniment. The classes will be tailored to the group ability, so please feel free to come and join in!


Paul Dangl

This year we look at the connection of Western European folk music across the Atlantic to Oldtime and Bluegrass music. Especially at the rhythmic phrasing, which results from the special bowing technique will be the main focus.


Christian Troger

This class will deal with melody and solo playing. How can tunes be realised on the guitar?  Which tunings (Standard, Dropped D, DADGAD etc.) are suitable? Pure melody-playing with plectrum: phrasing, ornamentation, techniques. We will also work on examples of solo-arrangements which incorporates the fingerstyle technique. This class is not for complete beginners, participants should have a basic knowledge of the guitar.

Tin Whistle

Antonia Wernig

This class is suitable for all levels of tin whistle, low whistle and irish flute. We will predominantly work on rhythm and phrasing of Irish traditional music. Complete beginners please contact the organisers to discuss if this class is for you.

Trad For Kids

Magdalena Eidenhammer

Im Kurs Trad for Kids werden einfache ein- und mehrstimmige Traditionals spielerisch in der Verbindung von Musik und Tanz erarbeitet. Ein Fokus sind Spiellieder aus Brasilien, die Magdalena während ihres Auslandsemesters in Natal kennenlernte.